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Hockey is a wonderful sport for girls! It’s a super outlet for energy, it builds strength, coordination, fitness, endurance and speed, and it’s a physically demanding game. At the same time, players develop strong relationships with their teammates and learn about leadership, decision making and how to work well with others to solve problems. 

Girls in the Wildcat Youth Hockey Association have had great experiences playing on coed teams throughout their youth hockey years. Last season, nearly 50 girls played across all of our age levels (with even more in the learn to skate program).


Because of the depth and size of the Wildcat program, girls who play coed hockey have opportunities to play with the most developmentally appropriate teams. They are placed on like-skill teams with other players, which gives them a chance to grow as players with and against competition that matches their own.

At the 6U and 8U levels, girls and boys generally play together on youth teams. If there were enough girls at an age level, the Wildcats could create an all-girls team.


There are more options for all-girls hockey as they get older. While most Wildcat girls have been placed on like-skill youth teams within our organization, some have chosen to play exclusively for all-girls teams at other organizations or cross roster on an all-girls team. 

What does it mean to cross roster? WAHA allows a girl to be on the roster of two teams within their age group, as long as one of those teams is a girls-only team. Being a cross-roster player means that the all-girls team is a secondary team, and those cross-roster girls only attend games and practices when it doesn’t conflict with their Wildcat team’s schedule. Players interested in cross rostering with a girls’ team at another association should reach out first to see what opportunities are available.

Once a girl has played all-girls hockey with an organization, that becomes her home club for girls hockey. For example, a girl who plays with the Sauk Monkeys as a U10 and U12 skater would need a release from the Sauk organization to play for the Madison Mavericks as a U14 player.

Here are options for all-girls hockey in the Madison area. Girls from the Wildcats may choose to leave to play exclusively with one of these all-girls teams, or they can explore the possibility of cross rostering. Players considering one of these options should check with the Wildcats to be sure they don’t need a release to join another organization.

Beaver Dam Wildfire

Offering 10U, 12U and 14U teams

Madison Dragons (under the Madison Patriots)

Offering 10U and 12U teams with the Dragons and 8U with the Patriots 

Madison Mavericks (Verona Youth Hockey Association)

Offering 10U, 12U and 14U teams

Madison Polar Caps

Offering 6U, 8U, 10U and 12U teams

Sauk Monkeys (Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey Association)

Offering 10U, 12U and 14U teams

If there is enough interest among girls within our association, the Wildcats could field an all-girls team or cross-roster team at a particular age group. We would need 12-15 like-skill players for an all-girls team for the season, or about 20 players for a cross-roster team. We could also form all-girls teams at the 6U and 8U levels.

The Wildcats are exploring girls tournaments in the area and are hoping to put together cross-roster teams to play in a tournament in the 2023-24 season.


After playing 14U hockey, girls may move on to play in high school. Girls hockey players from Waunakee and DeForest are part of the Cap City Cougars co-op, which also includes skaters from La Follette High School, Madison East High School and Sun Prairie High School. Girls from Lodi High School would be part of the Stoughton Icebergs co-op.


It’s really an individual choice for each skater — girls in the Wildcat organization are integral, valued members of their coed teams, but some girls find a better experience playing all-girls hockey. We encourage parents and their skaters to have a conversation each season about where they choose to play. 

Most girls choose to join all-girls teams when they get to the U14 level (when checking is introduced in the more traditionally boys teams), although they aren’t required to, and some girls have played coed as 14U players.

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If you have any questions about girls hockey within the Wildcats, please reach out to Stacy Benedict at

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