Fundraising Opportunities

Bucky Book Fundraiser

The Bucky Book is a great voluntary individual fundraiser available to our club, designed to reduce your skater fees. There are tons of great savings inside each book. Some of them will pay for the whole cost of the book themselves! More info at the links below.

How does it work?

•   To be eligible to sell, you must have at least one skater registered.

•   Sell each book for $35.

•   For every book sold, $13.50 in commission gets credited to your family's account.

•   For every 5 books sold, you get 1 free book. You can keep that book, give it to someone else, or sell it (must be sold for $35). If you sell a free book the whole $35 goes to you!

•   Only cap on books sold is the amount of your skater fees.

•   At the end of the campaign (late October), return any unsold books (in perfect condition) at no charge.

Pick Up Dates

Fri, Sept 16, 7:15-8:15

Tues, Sept 20, 7:15-8:15

Fri, Sept 23, 7:15-8:15


Eric Anderson

Bucky Book Coordinator


Wreath Sale

More info coming soon!

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